LightLab is an experimental design studio focused on lamps and light. I am a modest founder, deeply rooted in graffiti culture and with strong feeling for simplicity. My works are often sound-reactive, so you can interact with the object of your choice with voice or through music. 

My name is Gem and my story dates back to when I was a graffiti writer, travelling the world to paint new spots, meeting best people on the very way. Kuna was my pet character I would mark the wall you pass by every day to school or work. Kuna was known for spreading the love, saying positive to the extreme sentences and smiling. As this character really wanted to get off the wall, it became a lamp - so it can shine its light for the world to see. 

My lamps are made of wood, 100% handmade, including electronic boards. I use best quality materials and no compromise policy to make sure my pieces are well crafted. 

I develop my ideas with a team of makers and creators from fields of design, sound and electricity. With constant need for sharing thoughts, growing and learning, we are  open for cooperation and commissions.

You are welcomed to check out on my shop, where you can look around my projects and products. Please note, I am currently working on a new homepage, so if you are interested in stories behind each project, leave your email to get an update.