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160.00 $
(624 PLN)

Light up Sativa to keep you mellow, focused and uplifted. It took its name from a medicine, so it may also heal you and stimulate your brain to exhibit high levels of beta brain waves. There is no need to put it down, as the power consumption is very low what means you can have your Sativa lit all the time. Is it not what you have always dreamt of?

As other lamps, Sativa is fully hand made and customisable, so you can adjust it to match your room, office or personality.

This piece is available in two sizes: 40 cm and 55 cm.

You can:

  • Pick 2 colors of the body cover
  • Pick one color of the LED light (red, blue, green, yellow or white)
  • or leave it all up to me


  • Power supply: 220V / 120V
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Light type: LED. Note that LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. It doesn’t emit heat. LED lifespan extends 50 000 hours.