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140.00 $
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Bloke is a dude! He likes to chill out next to your sofa, watch some South Park or BMX movies. Look him in his eye and he'll read your mind to know that spending a day in your gaff is not being lazy, it's the energy saving mode. With Bloke you can be a hero tomorrow, he will understand. 

As other lamps, the Bloke is also fully hand made and customizable, so you can adjust it to match your room, office or personality.

This piece is available in two sizes: 35 cm and 50 cm.

You can:

  • Pick 1 or even 2 colors of the body cover
  • Pick one color of the LED light (red, blue, green, yellow or white)
  • or leave it all up to me


  • Power supply: 220V / 120V
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Light type: LED. Note that LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology. It doesn’t emit heat. LED lifespan extends 50 000 hours.