Story behind Slow Magic Toys

It is a bit of a story… I worked for one of the biggest 
and most successful startups in Europe. 

At the beginning of this year we were introducing changes to our service and we worked together with a French team on our new mobile app. In a break between one focus group and another, I started to chat about music with Julien, who showed me a guy he was certain I will fall in love with. Yes, you’ve guessed it: it was Slow Magic. When I saw him, I just couldn’t sleep at night, trying to figure out how does his mask work. I downloaded all pictures from the world wide web showing the mask and contacted all my maker friends. I didn’t want to copy this idea, but make something similar and apply it in my works. I was really inspired.   


I designed an angry winged bear and said - thou shall react to sound! 

I gathered a small team of friends and we got down to work. After a week the team slimmed down to two strong brains who managed to built a circuit board with four filters - each of them reacted to different sound frequencies. We placed the board inside the angry bear and started soldering led strips, one by one 25 strips all together. That was a lot of work, but it was worth it. BadAss looked rad and truly earned his name. When I shot a promo video in Bang and Olufsen store, everybody was amazed and this gave me a certainty that we did an amazing job. Now I wanted to work with Slow Magic…

Experiments are part of every maker job 

and I am not different. Slow Magic’s mask (the one available for fans) was still on my mind, so I started to walk this way to see where will it lead me. I even bought a cheesy an EL-panel butterfly gadget made in China to tear it apart and learn how it is made.

The Chinese technology seemed like a fine way illuminating objects. 

I bought EL-panels - a paper thin lighting strips and started to play with them. They had beautiful colours and used even less energy than LEDs. Unfortunately they turned out to need a converter that made a lot of mid-blowing high frequencies noise. You would definitely hate to hear this sound all the time when your Toy is on. 

I decided to look further

and went to Berlin for a new technology event, where companies from all over the world showed their tech, most of which was top secret. I saw flat wearable screens, tiny solar systems, internet of things solutions, ink to print electronic circuits… but these hi tech resources were so expensive, you will probably think I am crazy to offer you stuff for such a price. But the energy I felt during this show was so strong, it got me down to designing. I drew the Slow Magic mask with a LED circuit - it was like a home run! I figured out how to make the mask the easiest way, without almost any soldering.  After a few days I find a way to have my filer-board made without me participating in every step. And this is when I found out that my friends booked Slow Magic and he will play in my town.

What would you do if you were me?

Of course I bought tickets in the very second, but I also wrote an email. In this email I said I want to build a 1.2m high figure of Slow Magic and put it on a stage during the show. And I would also like to create small toys for fans, so you could have your imaginary friend in your home. I waited a week for a reply… and it was positive! I was stoked. When Slow Magic came to Warsaw, we had a chat and decided there will be two toys instead of one: a sound reactive and a cute, tiny one, with a light up mask. Look at the video to see how did work out.

It took a lot of work to make the toys perfect,

I met a lot of people on my way who helped me to achieve it. I talked to great number of companies to make the prices as low as possible.  Being a marketing person helped big time. Nine prototypes later the toys were ready. They are ready. They only wait to find their way to your home.

To finish the story I need to add that I don’t work with this startup anymore. I decided to focus of making amazing products. And I hope that you will love them as much as I do.

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Autor: Gem