Slow Filming in a Magical Place

Slow Magic Toys new video needed a great location. Being as lucky as I am, I found not only a great spot, but one that is simply magical.  

There is a place in Warsaw, that amaze visitors. Once they step in, they don’t want to leave. Overwhelmed by cosy atmosphere, friendly welcome and most of all, design. It takes a great imagination to turn an average-looking floors of a tenement house into a concept hotel where every room is different. Owners of Lofthotel Sen Pszczoły made it right. 

When I was given a tour to get to know the place, I felt like entering new cosmos every time the door got opened in front of me. Each room entails different visual concept and all details follow it combining raw elements with standing out details: heavy wooden tables, lamps made of washer drums and frying pans, Victorian beds, hairdresser chairs, barrels as tables and designer art. I mentioned doors - these are actually old elevator doors that lead to each room, so I guess you can understand why I felt uplifted.

Take a look at the video:

If you are coming to Warsaw and want to stay in a cool place in the city centre, click here: Lofthotel Sen Pszczoły. And if you are looking for a skilled man with a camera, Adam Czygier is your man - contact me and I will tell you more.

Autor: Gem