Citroen Extovert Project

When Citroen invited me to take part in a project promoting young creatives and their new C3 model, I decided it was a good moment to come up with something absolutely new. The idea was to record a short video showing how I work and let me tell my story. I decided I will show the process of creating a brand new product. I gave myself 6 weeks to draw, prototype and make something out of the box, a piece of design that would be: bold, simple, useful, interactive, playful... and different to everything I have ever done before.

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From indifference to cognoscence: #mapping

For the "Illuminati" show, Galeria Bielska invited artist related to street art and video art to build an interactive experience where there would be no observers. When the lights on the gallery floor turned down, the installations came to life and it felt great to be one of the makers.

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Slow Filming in a Magical Place

Slow Magic Toys new video needed a great location. Being as lucky as I am, I found not only a great spot, but one that is simply magical.  

There is a place in Warsaw, that amaze visitors. Once they step in, they don’t want to leave. Overwhelmed by cosy atmosphere, friendly welcome and most of all, design. It takes a great imagination to turn an average-looking floors of a tenement house into a concept hotel where every room is different. Owners of Lofthotel Sen Pszczoły made it right. 

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Story behind Slow Magic Toys

It is a bit of a story… I worked for one of the biggest 
and most successful startups in Europe. 

At the beginning of this year we were introducing changes to our service and we worked together with a French team on our new mobile app. In a break between one focus group and another, I started to chat about music with Julien, who showed me a guy he was certain I will fall in love with. Yes, you’ve guessed it: it was Slow Magic. When I saw him, I just couldn’t sleep at night, trying to figure out how does his mask work. I downloaded all pictures from the world wide web showing the mask and contacted all my maker friends. I didn’t want to copy this idea, but make something similar and apply it in my works. I was really inspired.  [...] 

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